Sustainable Alliances: Solutions for Strategic Partnerships in Light of Challenges and Uncertainties

The increased societal segmentation and individualization triggered by the pandemic have aggravated geopolitical and cultural instabilities. It has also revealed the urgency to address the global challenges and the needs of coordinated involvements to strengthen the bonds of mankind. The SATU Presidents’ Forum forms the alliances among universities to create regional influence to address the challenges. It also serves as a platform of intellectual exchange, where institutions can benefit mutually by the sharing of knowledge and experience to tackle the challenges in common and the uncertainties lying ahead. We aim to explore the possibilities of the platform, to better support our members in university governance and facilitate open science, knowledge and culture sharing, as fundamental means to provide solutions for the global issues and keep the momentum to drive impacts for our common good.



- Strategic Partnership

- Synergy via Coordinated Involvement - Climate Action & Sustainable Environment

- Open Resources

- Collective Intelligence

- Knowledge Transformation

- Re-connection among universities