Travel Information

Attention to all arrivals - starting October 13, 2022, all inbound passengers are required to observe the 0+7 policy and no longer need to quarantine upon arrival. Inbound passengers will instead undergo 7 days of self-initiated prevention at their home or the residence of a friend or family member that meets the requirement of one person per room. All passengers will be provided with four at-home rapid test kits.


Pre-boarding Preparation:

  • Passengers who test positive for COVID-19 outside Taiwan should not take a flight to Taiwan within 7 days starting from their specimen collection date (the specimen collection date of a rapid test or PCR test counts as D0)
  • Inbound passengers will no longer be required to submit a health declaration via the “Quarantine System for Entry” before arrival or have a mobile phone with a Taiwanese number

Entry Procedure:

  • The “COVID-19 Health Declaration and Home Quarantine Notice” will no longer be issued to passengers
  • Four rapid test kits will be given to arrivals aged 2 and older. Please store the rapid test kits properly and take a test on the designated days. Passengers below the age of two will not be provided with rapid test kits and will not be required to take rapid tests during the self-initiated prevention period.
  • Passengers without symptoms may use public transportation. Passengers with symptoms will be prioritized for quarantine vehicles

Day of Entry (D0):

When to take a rapid test:

  • Perform one rapid test on the date of entry or 1st day of self-initiated prevention (D0/D1).
  • A negative result from a rapid test taken within the past 2 days is required before going out during the self-initiated prevention period.
  • If you have symptoms during the self-initiated prevention period. The rapid tests will be performed by arrivals themselves.

0+7 Policy: Self-initiated Prevention:

  • In principle, the place where you undergo prevention should be your primary home, a friend or relative's residence, or a hotel that meets the requirement of one person per room (with a private bathroom). However, if a shared bathroom can be cleaned and disinfected after each use, you can undergo self-initiated prevention in a room without a private bathroom. Cohabitants must take appropriate protective measures, including wearing face masks, practicing respiratory hygiene, washing hands frequently, and maintaining good hygiene and social distancing. They must avoid sharing food.
  • If all the people living with you or traveled with you need to undergo self-initiated prevention, the one person per room principle does not have to be followed.
  • If your rapid test result is negative, please complete your self-initiated prevention period and follow relevant rules:
    • The Instructions for Going Out must be observed when you go out.
    • A negative result from an at-home rapid test taken within the past 2 days is required before you go out.
    • Wear a mask and maintain social distancing at all times when outside.
    • If you need to eat out, you may eat alone or with specific people in restaurants. Put on a face mask immediately when leaving your seat and after finishing your meal. When you need to eat when outside, you may temporarily remove your mask but must put it back on after finishing your meal.