National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

“National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University” (NYCU) on February 1, 2021. Yang Ming, which focuses on biomedical research, and Chiao Tung, which focuses on electronic communication research, are both top tier universities in Taiwan. Under the principle of “reciprocity and mutual trust”, they have adopted a step-by-step integration model to complement their expertise to bring forth a novel disciplinary domain of teaching and pioneer the future of research and innovation. Thus, it is imagined that the merger will eventually bring forth a great and innovative university that is second to none, with 1,400 teachers and 17,000 students collaborating to create a great generation that will develop and further Taiwan’s emerging smart medical industry. 


We believe that human beings, as an integral body of physiology, psychology, cultural, and spirituality, are active and continuously interacting with the environment. Health is a life experience of balance and attainment through continuous interactions with the environment.

Teaching is our main responsibility. We seek to create a stimulating environment conducive to learning, participation, and questioning. Each student who comes to us has a unique life story and cultural experience. Through interactions between the students and teachers, we seek to inspire our students in achieving their fullest potential